Planning a wedding from thousands of miles away is a stressful thought, right? That’s why employing a destination wedding planner is a must, to not only guide you through the planning process, but become your best friend and confident for the best part of 12 -18 months.

I’m going to tell you some of the reasons why my couples choose to work with me, and why hiring a destination wedding planner was one of the best decisions they made in their wedding planning journey.

Let me introduce myself, I’m Coleen McKay – Luxury Destination Wedding Planner. I’m based in Scotland working across the UK and beyond.

Firstly, let’s understand what a wedding planner does. What is the role of your wedding planner? Why have you hired them?

A destination wedding planner is a experienced professional who will become your best friend, and advisor during the most exciting period of your lives. Your wedding planner is responsible for managing the entire wedding planning process, from design, styling, curating your wedding concept, logistics and operations to supplier and budget management.

Your destination wedding planner takes care of every detail ensuring your vision becomes a reality and you enjoy the wedding of your dreams.

A destination wedding planner can offer a variety of services ranging from full planning, partial planning and on the day coordination. My couples choose to employ me on a full planning basis to ensure every aspect of their wedding is considered and nothing is missed.

We begin the planning journey with the venue search, which is one of my favourite elements of planning. Venue viewing and design planning is all very exciting.

Your destination wedding planner will curate a plan, understand your budget, style and wedding goals as well as work to create a memorable guest experience. After all it may be the first time your guests have visited the UK. Your wedding planner will pull out all the stops to ensure your guests have a wonderful time and have access to all the required amenities during their stay in the UK.

When it comes to the wedding day schedule, timeline and all logistics your wedding planner will ensure no stone is left unturned. Your wedding day timeline will be drafted usually way in advance, with all suppliers issued with their access, set up and take down guidelines around 4 weeks from the wedding. You can rely on your wedding planner to ensure your rehearsal evening and wedding day run to schedule and on time. There really is no need to stress, your wedding planner has everything in hand to deliver a fantastic weekend of celebrations.

What are the benefits of working with your destination wedding planner? Why hire a wedding planner?

Your destination wedding planner will know the local area, and be able to recommend the best wedding venues and suppliers to deliver a spectacular celebration. Your wedding planner will ensure value for money whilst ensuring they are able to negotiate the best contracts on your behalf.

Be prepared to welcome a new best friend. Your destination wedding planner will become a confident and a true friend during your wedding planning journey. WhatsApp messages, emails and texts in the night; your wedding planner is like your human stress ball. Throw everything their way and let them manage all the stress.

Design is a key factor for any luxury destination wedding, and your wedding planner will work tirelessly to ensure your vision is brought to life. Don’t be afraid to throw caution to the wind and dream big.

Your wedding planner will endeavor to do their very best to design your ceremony and reception with exactly what you have in mind, often visualising how your wedding will look with bespoke 3D drawings. It’s always great to be able to visualise how your day will look in advance, and usually helps settle the groom’s nerves.

It may be a significant investment choosing to hire a destination wedding planner, but one that is very much worth every penny. Your wedding planner knows how to best manage your wedding budget, as well as recommend the best suppliers who will deliver, perform and provide the most exquisite of services.

Logistics can be a daunting thought and one that is fully covered by your wedding planner. On the morning of your wedding you can relax and get ready knowing your wedding planner is nearby and has everything under control.

With most destination weddings time zones can get in the way, and is another reason why it’s a great idea to hire a destination wedding planner. Whether you are in California, New York or Australia your wedding planner will be operating to their time zone and will be able to liaise with all of your wedding contacts and suppliers during the working day, leaving you to get on with your job and family responsibilities knowing your wedding is completely under control.

Do you lead a busy life? Navigating a full time career and family responsibilities? In that case, your wedding planner will become your lifeline. Planning a luxury destination wedding from overseas is a full time task and one that requires commitment and dedication.

There are many reasons why a destination wedding planner, or local wedding planner is a must when planning a luxury wedding. Although it is ultimately your decision. If your feeling overwhelmed or not sure where to start it may be worth considering your options and researching for a luxury wedding planner.

Get in touch if your looking for a luxury destination wedding planner in the UK, Scotland, England, Ireland or London. I would love to discuss your wedding plans and get to know how I can assist you both in designing your dream wedding right here in the UK.