Choosing your venue is by far one of the biggest decisions when planning your dream wedding. And one of the trickiest decisions is choosing whether you’re going to opt for an indoor or outdoor wedding. As luxury wedding planners in Michigan we’re here to help make the dreams of your big day a reality, and help you every step of the way. 

In this blog we’ll be looking at both indoor and outdoor weddings, what they entail, the pros and cons of each and the best indoor and outdoor wedding venues across Michigan.

Outdoor Weddings

If you love nature and the outdoors and can’t imagine anything better than a luxury wedding by the ocean, an enchanting forest or amongst the mountains then an outdoor wedding could be the one for you. 

Many people choose to have their wedding outside in their favourite season so that they can match their wedding colour scheme to the season of the wedding. Imagine a beautiful Spring wedding with beautiful greens and pastels, summer weddings with hot bright pops of colour, autumnal weddings with luxurious golden yellows, browns and earthy tones or a winter wedding decorated with rich and royal colours. 

Outdoor Wedding Pros

  • Natural landscapes and scenery: Nothing beats the magic of the natural world and breathtaking scenery for your wedding backdrop. 
  • Natural lighting for wedding photographs: No need for artificial lighting, your photos will be powered by the sunlight and golden hour.  
  • Less decor is needed and you can create a magical atmosphere with the right decor.
  • Ideal for those wanting a whimsical, enchanting, laid back environment for their wedding.

Outdoor Wedding Cons

  • Mother nature can sometimes be unpredictable: 

In an ideal world your wedding day will be the ideal condition however mother nature can be very unpredictable. In summer your ceremony might have to endure humid, scorching conditions whilst other seasons might mean rain showers. 

Having an outdoor wedding can require a lot of contingency planning and extra cost to ensure your day flows smoothly for you and your guests.

  • Lack of restrooms might cause an inconvenience for some guests.  
  • Rental costs: You’ll need to think about renting marquees, tables, chairs, toilets, electricity generators and all that jazz to power your celebrations with an outdoor wedding so be sure to have those costs in mind. 

Indoor Weddings

Indoor weddings are perfect for couples who like to consider all the intricate details and eliminates the uncertainties that arise with the unpredictability of weather. Opting for an indoor wedding allows you more control over your environment and has the added benefit of being suitable all year round. 

Indoor Wedding Pros

  • No need to worry about weather issues or have any contingency plans. 
  • Indoor wedding venues can be the ideal blank canvas for your wedding decor, if you’re wanting to really focus on specific decor and table arrangements they won’t get overpowered by mother nature when indoors. 
  • Ample facilities for guests such as restrooms, electricity for entertainment purposes, lighting etc. 
  • Food and catering is easier to keep fresh and controlled indoors, there is nothing worse than your dreamy buttercream cake melting on a hot summer’s day outdoors!  

Indoor Wedding Cons 

  • Space: Make sure you’re aware of the capacity of your venue and choose a venue that can accommodate the number of guests you’re going to have. You don’t want a huge venue for an intimate gathering or on the other hand, a tiny venue for a huge party! So be sure to do a bit of research. 
  • Limited spots for photos: Outdoor weddings offer so many beautiful opportunities for photos whereas you might be limited in an indoor venue, and you might have to find a backdrop somewhere near your venue for those memorable wedding photos. 
  • Rules and regulations: Indoor weddings might have specific rules and regulations you need to adhere to so make sure you’re clued up on their policies before you book! 

The best of both worlds: Venues that offer indoor and outdoor wedding ceremony options 

You don’t necessarily have to pick solely indoor or outdoor venues, many wedding venues offer the best of both worlds so you can either have your ceremony inside and your reception outside or vice versa! 

The most important thing is that you and your partner feel in control of your wedding day and are able to adapt to any issues that may arise without panic. It’s all about you both having your dream wedding. 

Best Indoor & Outdoor Wedding Venues in Michigan 

Bay Pointe BoatHouse 

Steeped in history yet adorned with innovative updates, this exquisite Lake Estate boasts an all-sport lake frontage. Built in 1886 this 5,000 sq. ft. ageless-beauty is comfortably elegant, magnificently custom, and wonderfully endearing. The BoatHouse can accommodate up to 90 guests seated in a seated banquet style on the lakefront patio, a lakefront ceremony site for up to 90 guests, up to 40 guests seated in the upper courtyard, or up to 150 guests for a cocktail style celebration in the entire house. A lakefront ceremony with a cocktail reception sounds like the perfect Michigan wedding combination to us. 

Meadow Brook Hall (Indoor & Outdoor)

Meadow Brook Hall offers a whole host of wedding options for their guests from castle and ballroom to stunning outdoor weddings. This is a venue that cater to all your needs from gorgeous light airy marquees with magnificent table arrangements to wedding photographs by the walls draped in ivy and covered in gorgeous blooms. It is a stunning, fairytale style wedding venue that offer both indoor and outdoor options. 

Port 939 (Indoor & Outdoor) 

This venue is great for contemporary couples who want a lakeside wedding with an industrial style, cosmopolitan venue. Think brick walls, neon signs, string bulb fairy lights. This venue has edge and is the perfect blank canvas for those wanting to hone in on all the decor details and really have creative flair with your wedding. 

Mill Creek Wilde (Outdoor)

The MillCreek Wilde sits deep in the countryside of Southwest Michigan just 1.5 hours from Chicago and 2 hours from Detroit making it easy for guests to get to. MillCreek is the ideal venue for outdoor lovers looking for a stunning rustic wedding surrounded by rolling fields, fragrant orchard blossoms, fruiting trees and is recognised for offering one of the most private and secluded wedding day experiences. Owners Amelia & Kirby Briske are cutting-edge designers & fine artists who met in Chicago where they were both influenced by the city’s art and culture. It’s a magical party venue just waiting for you and your partner to make your memories. 

The Veranda (Outdoor)

The Veranda is situated in Southwest Michigan and is a beautifully unique outdoor wedding venue.  Attached to the historic Whitcomb, The Veranda brings all the features you are looking for in a Michigan wedding venue. Elegance, classic architecture, and unrivalled views of the gorgeous Lake Michigan sunsets, perfect for those golden hour photos. The high ceilings, grand pillars, contemporary lighting and wrap-around porch feel grandiose and make for a stunning venue. 

The Veranda is also situated in picture perfect downtown St. Joseph, your guests will enjoy all this small beach town has to offer. 

Aurora Cellars Estate (Outdoor) 

Aurora Cellars Estate is situated by the stunning Lake Leelanau and is the perfect outdoor venue option for those desiring rustic charm and classic beauty. Have your ceremony in the beautiful gardens, dance across the rolling lawns, enjoy views of the forest, and guzzle wines in the vineyard. It’s a great venue for large events, sitting on two acres of land with a Victorian farmhouse, a small barn, and a fantastical willow tree. If you’re after something slightly more intimate, The Tasting Room is well suited. Our favourite part? The Terrace Garden which is filled with breathtaking views and a stunning vineyard, perfect for those golden hour wedding photos.

Westin Southfield Detroit (Indoor)

Westin Southfield is an upscale hotel and wedding venue located in Southfield, Michigan in the Southfield Town Center complex.It might be the chilled champagne that draws us in? Or the  chocolate covered strawberries or the amazing breakfast in the morning? These are all great parts of the experience but the venue space is what we love… 

From weddings in the Charlevoix or Algonquin Ballroom to a one of a kind ceremony in the Southfield Town Centre Atrium with it’s trees, lush tropical plants, water features and a huge glistening glass wall that bring the outdoors in – with all the benefits of being indoors. 

Colony Club Detriot (Indoor) 

The Colony Club, located at the corner of Montcalm and Park Avenue, is a historic and impeccable event space for a luxury Michigan wedding. Featuring gold leaf ceilings, glimmering crystal chandeliers, and exquisite Louis XVI décor, this is a venue that exudes glitz, glamour and charm. 

The Treasury (Indoor)

The sheer beauty of the architecture of The Treasury is enough to rival that of an outdoor venue – Ionic columns, Palladian windows flanked with pilasters, a 35’ coffered gold-leaf ceiling and marble details will provide pure inspiration for you to create a perfectly composed luxury wedding ceremony. It was built in the roaring 20s, so if you’ve always dreamed of a celebration to rival that of Gatsby’s then look no further. The Treasury offers a wonderful historical ambience combined with sophisticated charm and impeccable details.

Need more inspiration? We have more luxury wedding venues in Michigan for you to browse in our dream luxury wedding venues in Michigan blog.  

Finding the best wedding planner in Michigan

Picking the right wedding planner in Michigan is incredibly important. Whether you’re from Michigan and need help planning your wedding or you’re from far corners of the globe and looking for a luxury destination wedding planner, we’re here for you.  

Here at Coleen McKay we love to help couples plan and make each and every wedding idea come true, resulting in bespoke luxury weddings that exceed expectations and make your wedding day the absolute best it can be. It’s safe to say we offer a luxury wedding planning experience like no other. 

As well as planning and coordinating luxury weddings in Michigan, we specialise in gorgeous elopements, celebrity weddings, and stunning ceremonies from 2 to 300 guests across the UK and worldwide. We have all the expertise to ensure your wedding is all you have dreamed of and more! 

We build strong relationships with couples throughout the process to ensure they get their once in a lifetime experience and most importantly have fun – after all you spend a lot of time with your wedding planner, so it should be a fun process, and one that you remember for the rest of your life!  

We take the stress out of planning through a hands-on approach and ensure everything is perfect down to the tiniest details and use design, trends and your vision to give you a wedding experience that embodies luxury and is unique to you and your partner.  

If you’re undecided on your destination, in love with multiple venues or ready to start planning your wedding then do not hesitate to contact us about luxury destination weddings, we’re all ears and ready to help make your dream wedding become a reality.  

We would love to work with you!