A Coleen McKay wedding is a wedding like no other.

I’m a design-led DESTINATION WEDDING PLANNER combining my love for styling, design, and interiors with logistical planning to bring together the wedding of your dreams across the world.

To help ensure you book the best wedding planner for you, I’ve listed below 4 top tips that will ultimately assist you in making the right decision when choosing your luxury destination wedding planner.


Wedding planners typically charge a % of the overall wedding budget with a minimum base price, therefore it’s important to begin your search with a good idea of your top end / maximum wedding budget prior to engaging with wedding planners. The industry standard is between 10-15% – for example if your wedding budget is £80,000 your wedding planner will typically charge between £8,000 – £12,000 for their services.


As well as knowing your wedding budget, it’s also very important to know exactly the wedding you both would like before engaging with potential wedding planners. Very often couples engage with wedding planners too early, before they even know where they would like to be married.

To ensure you choose the best wedding planner that will fit well with both of your families, it’s a sensible idea to know exactly where you would like to be married, the type of venue you would be open to considering and an estimate of your anticipated guest numbers.

When I talk about types of venues I’m not expecting couples to know the exact venue they prefer, but instead an idea of whether a castle, manor house, hotel or private secluded beach is their preferred wedding day venue.

Do you prefer the city? Rural life? How far away from the city do you wish to spend your wedding weekend? And if choosing a rural venue, do you wish to have sea views? And how far from the airport is your group willing to travel? These are all questions I will ask on the consultation with new couples, therefore I recommend you take some time to gather your thoughts before engaging with wedding planners.


Wedding planners are all different, with some planners offering logistical planning only and some offering design led planning services. It’s important you have an idea of the type of wedding are you looking for. Is design important to you? Do you have a particular style?

Knowing the areas of your wedding where you may require assistance, before engaging with potential wedding planners is also a huge plus in ensuring you choose the best destination wedding planner for you.

Wedding planners are then able to offer you an accurate and bespoke price for their planning services. Whilst conducting your research remember to check out each wedding planner’s website, reviews, portfolios, and social media platforms.

Do they have great testimonials? Do they give you the feels? If you love the look of one wedding planner, and they happen to be located out with your desired wedding location, don’t panic.

For example. You are planning a wedding in London, but you’ve noticed a wedding planner in Scotland who looks ideal and would be a great fit for you. Most Destination Wedding Planners work internationally and often offer a bespoke, design-led service.

When choosing your wedding planner, your choosing someone who you think will work well with you, their organisation and people skills are second to none, their design and aesthetic is exactly your vibe, and their price is right. Your Destination Wedding Planner is head of the dream team who will pull together the desired team to direct and produce the most fabulous wedding weekend, regardless of where they are located during the planning process.


Once you’ve had a look online and found a wedding planner that looks a good fit for you, reach out. Send a message via their contact form and book a consultation. An initial consultation is usually at no cost, so there is really nothing to lose? You could be one step away from meeting your luxury wedding planner who will transform your wedding dreams into reality.

Searching for your dream destination wedding planner in Scotland, England, London or Ireland? Get in touch with me today to book your first wedding consultation.