It’s all a whirlwind isn’ it? You could literally spend hours scrolling Instagram and Pinterest taking in all of the wedding imagery, photography styles and editing techniques. You are likely wondering where you begin when choosing your ideal wedding photographer?

In this blog we are going to 1) explain a little around different wedding photography styles and 2) share with you a selection of the exquisite wedding photographers we would recommend couples consider for their luxury destination wedding anywhere in the world.

Wedding photography is such an important part of your wedding day as it gives you and your loved ones the chance to relive all the emotions, joy, and moments of the day for years to come. Good wedding photographers are storytellers, they can capture the essence of the couple’s personalities and all the special moments of their big day as well as the beauty of the venue, decor, and the details of the moments that the couple might miss during the whirlwind of the day.

It can be tricky picking your wedding photographer as it’s such a big part of planning a wedding. Part of picking the right photographer is having an idea of what kind of photography style you want. You should have an idea of what kind of photography style you would like so you can find a photographer whose style matches the vision of your wedding. Here are the different styles of wedding photography… 

The different styles of luxury wedding photography


Traditional wedding photography is normally formal, posed photos taken at the eye level. Imagine your family portrait photos and wedding party portraits and this is the style of photo you can expect – it’s classic and some of your photos will no doubt be shot this way. 


Documentary/Photojournalistic is one of the most popular wedding photography styles because the nature of this style aims to capture the emotions of you, your partner and your guests. It’s natural, rather than staged, posed photographs. Photographers tend to act as a fly on the wall, capturing all the key and special moments of your big day. 


If you long for a Vanity Fair or Vogue style wedding photos to look back on then editorial style wedding photography might be for you. Editorial can sometimes be confused with documentary however editorial photographers are more personally involved whilst documentary photographers work from the sidelines. Editorial photographers act like directors, using props and giving direction for those in front of the camera. 

Dark & Moody

Dark & moody wedding photography utilises light to create atmosphere within your photos. Photographers use light to create drama, playing around with stark lines and shadows to create drama and produce cinematic style photographs which are further enhanced during the editing process. 


There are many methods of producing vintage style wedding photos and that will all depend on your photographer – some may use a film camera, some may use special filters that attach to the camera lens. Editing also plays a big part in the vintage process from adding grain to photos or introducing warm brown tones like sepia. 


Ladders, drones and height is what aerial photography is about – the clue is in the name! It’s all about elevation and the shots look incredible. It’s important to note what photos you want, for example if you want drone photos you need to make sure this is something your photographer can provide and bring on the day! Most photographers tend to take a handful of photos in this style so make sure you look at their portfolio to see what their main style of photography is for the rest of the wedding gallery. 

Fine Art

Fine art style wedding photography is different to each photographer, the photographer takes control and crafts a story through their lens, specific locations at the venue, lighting, composition styling and poses to create an artistic story of your special day. 

Black & White 

Black & White wedding photos are classic, artistic and timeless and go wonderfully if you’re having a monochrome themed wedding. If you want all your photos to be black and white your photographer can use black and white film. If you’re having colour photos you can still have some black and white photos created during editing by turning your digital colour photos into black and white. 


This style of photography is perfect if you’re having your wedding ceremony at a scenic spot, but it can also work well at your venue – your photographer might need to do a location spout before the wedding day to work out the best spots and locations near the venue. These types of shots look amazing during cocktail hour when the sun is setting and can capture the landscape and you and your partner in a stunning light.  


Similar to vintage photography, warm photography uses similar warm tones but doesn’t use the textures of vintage photography. If you love that glow that golden hour gives then warm wedding photography is a great option, think of photos on a glorious summer day with hues of orange and yellow that create a cosy, warm feel. Warm photography is perfect for outdoor weddings with bright flower arrangements and tablescapes. 

Our Selection of Exquisite Wedding Photographers for your Destination Wedding

When booking Coleen McKay as your destination wedding planner, you will be offered to choose from a selection of exquisite wedding photographers offering a range of price points and editing style. We hope you enjoy viewing our range of luxury wedding photographers.

1. Joshua Woodland

Artistic, Romantic, Effortless. 

Based in England, Joshua Woodland is a luxury, UK & destination wedding photographer, who captures love in an editorial, timeless, yet simple way.

Joshua will create authentic photographs that will transport you back to moments in time and to a certain feeling. Documenting real and raw emotions and capturing all the small and big details of your day.


2. Claire Brown

Claire Brown is a Dublin based fine art wedding photographer, with a relaxed and elegant editorial style specialising in weddings that are infused with thoughtfulness & personalisation, love, plenty of light and impeccable taste.
She is devoted to capturing unique and timeless events throughout Europe.
She takes a limited number of weddings a year so she can give more of herself to each wedding, so 2024 dates are in short supply. 

Don’t hesitate to reach out to to check your date!

3. Jill Cherry Porter

With 14 years experience as a Fine Art Wedding Photographer in Scotland, Jill has been Scottish Field Magazine’s Wedding Photographer of the Year twice and listed in the UK’s Top 100 Wedding Photographers, between 2017 and 2019.  

In January 2023, Jill was awarded a Platinum Award, through Bridebook UK, as a result of Client reviews alone, a testimony to the luxury wedding photography experience she provides.

Jill’s style is relaxed and timeless, providing wedding photography which flows effortlessly, subtly becoming a unique element of your wedding celebrations that you cherish as she candidly captures editorial-worthy images of all the laughter, love and emotion, as it unfolds.

She’s a calm, friendly presence and provides a relaxed, supportive and joyful approach, making your photography easy, seamless and unobtrusive. A photographer who feels like a friend – organised, subtle and supportive, Jill’s often described as ‘one of the girls’, ‘a breath of fresh air’ and ‘gifted at putting people at ease’ whilst bringing smiles to the most camera-shy of faces.

4. Katelyn Workman

The KWP Experience is an elevated photography experience for the sweet couple who wants timeless photos and a stress-free experience with a professional who feels like family.

Imagine you arrive at a friend’s house and you are greeted at the door with a hot cup of espresso and a cheerful smile. There is a cinnamon vanilla candle burning and fresh flowers on the counter. You immediately feel cozy and loved. This is how KWP couples are treated. We want your experience with us to make you feel loved, and to also give you elegant images that tell your love story as your marry your best friend and celebrate with all your favorite people. We will give just the right amount of guidance and encouragement while also stepping back and documenting the day as it unfolds in a beautiful way. With us, you are family, and you will remember your best day in the sweetest way.

5. The Fourniers

Our intention as your photographers is to go beyond simply taking photographs of what your wedding day looks like, but what it feels like.

We are Leidy and Josh, destination wedding photographers and married team. Together we create radiant and adventurous images of our couples in breathtaking locations around the world. With romantic film tones and a blend of guided posing with photojournalism, we capture your most euphoric moments with a signature experience that is tailored to you. We adore love stories, and we can’t wait to tell yours.

6. Stuart Wood

Luxury wedding photographer serving London, UK and destinations worldwide. Stuart is celebrated as one of the UK’s top luxury wedding photographers, which means your memories are in safe hands. Currently shooting weddings both nationally and internationally, Stuart’s relaxed, fun and editorial style along with his signature high-end lighting techniques, offers something very different for the more discerning client. Described by international wedding planner and party architect, Johnny Roxburgh as “quite simply one of the best photographers in London”. Stuart’s career spans well over two and a half decades and his editorial work has seen him shoot campaigns all over the UK and around the world for TV companies and magazines. Stuart’s client list includes BBC, ITV, SKY, Grazia, Cosmopolitan and Radio Times for whom he has shot various covers.

7. Marta Ilardo

I’m Marta and I’m a wedding photographer based in London, where I live with my husband, our cheeky little girl and the friendliest of all cats – Weegee (yep, named after the 70s New York crime photographer). My goal, always, is to document moments in time as they unfold. Think raw, honest, poetic, moody, ethereal photography that will encapsulate your memories and give you some goosebumps later. Documenting is a key word here – I don’t want to script your day, choreograph your joy – instead I try to be in the moment, very present, so I don’t miss anything. I give you your space and just wander around with the camera glued to my eye. I’m quietly observing the action so I can capture it without disturbing the flow. I will give you poetic, but honest images that would hold meaning and bring back wonderful memories. I’m strongly on the side of capturing meaningful candids, rather than posing you the whole day! I’m with you to tell YOUR story.

8. Kamila Nowak

Love truly does win and every love story deserves to be told and captured beautifully. That’s why I’m always on the hunt for raw emotion, true magic and all the moments in between. Born and raised in Poland, I visited Yorkshire in 2004 and it completely stole my heart. Now the place I call ‘home,’ I’ve built my life here with my number one fan (who also happens to be my husband) and two wonderful daughters. Despite this part of the UK being a photographer’s dream, I also love to travel throughout the UK and beyond. I can document your infatuation from engagement to ‘I Do’s’ with several wedding day photography packages available.

Wedding editorial photography is my speciality, so if you’re wanting chic, classy photos – I’m your girl.

9. Belle Lumiere

Timeless glamour, opulent artisan imagery, distinctly unique natural light drenched photographs with a sense of timeless beauty, you will be swept away by the breathtaking images of Belle Lumiere Photography. Images that draw you in and capture those soulful, intimate moments and genuine emotion of your day; the anticipation, joy, excitement and love between you. . All of the exquisite details and personal touches which help paint the story of your day are all beautifully documented creating magic that will live on forever in every single frame.


10. Ad Media

I’m Aryan, your destination wedding photographer and videographer. If there is one thing I enjoy the most in this world – that is meeting new people, and creating lifelong memories for my couples. As an international elopement and wedding photographer, and filmmaker, I’m never stuck in a comfort zone with my work. I always strive to go above and beyond to create magic for my couples.

11. Christina Brosnan

Hello! I’m Christina, a wedding photographer based in Ireland photographing romantics worldwide. With 14 years of weddings under my belt, my passion for weddings goes beyond the photography. It’s the trust between you and me that create not just the most beautiful imagery but a beautiful photography experience.

I approach every wedding as a relaxed experience, allowing you to be fully immersed in your celebration. Doing so allows your collection of images to feel as authentic and joyful as possible. By mixing a documentary with fine art style (I have a keen eye for detail), your images will feel timeless and romantic while being a true reflection of your wedding day. Let’s create a masterpiece together.

12. Rebecca Searle

An elegant and timeless wedding photographer, Rebecca has a wonderful talent in capturing the love on every wedding day. Located outside of London, Rebecca is a local and destination wedding photographer.

13. Ross Alexander

Welcome! I’m Ross and I am someone who stumbled across the world of wedding photography and never looked back. I have a simple approach to photographing weddings and I photograph couples who value great images but don’t want their day to be one long photo session. I go by a philosophy that everything should be as simple as possible and, on wedding days, going with the flow and keeping it simple goes a long way. I tend to work in the background but love mingling and chatting with guests. I’m friendly, chatty and feel extremely lucky to be doing what I do.

14. Brittany Hart

I’m a full-time wedding and boudoir photographer because I thrive around people who LOVE. Boudoir has allowed me to experience the self-love journeys of many women who are fighting to build confidence in themselves. Weddings have introduced me to hundreds of couples who are putting in the effort to have healthy, happy marriages. One of the greatest blessings of my job is traveling… we’ve been able to travel all over the United States and to a handful of countries in Europe and South America! Travel fees may be waived for locations on my bucket list. When I’m not working you can find me reading historical fiction, talking about wedding dresses, planning my next trip to Ireland or spending time with my husband and Australian Shepherd. Incredible clients are what make my job such a dream. I’m so grateful for the life-long friends I’ve been able to make because of this work. Can’t wait to meet you.

15. Ricky Bailey

I’m an award winning, Edinburgh wedding photographer, specialising in creative documentary wedding photography, which means I tell your story through capturing candid, unstaged moments. Basically speaking, I get creative from the sidelines, leaving you to enjoy each other and have fun with your guests on the day! Your photos will be a true representation of who you are and will be filled with real moments that are so special to you.

16. Shanell Bark

It is my passion as an artist and storyteller to create imagery that is joyful, romantic, authentic and ultimately beautiful. I want to capture each and every client as they are, showcasing their love story. After shooting 100’s of weddings and serving this industry for over 13 years, I’ve learned more than anything how a day needs to be ran. Taking the days timeline into my own hands, has been one of the biggest benefits to my clients. Not only will you know where you need to be, when you need to be, I’ll be there helping to guide you. I want my clients to be able to fully intrust in me. Also trusting in my directional posing, management of your bridal party, and making sure your day is a flawless as possible.

Next Steps – Booking your Destination Wedding Planner

Here at Coleen McKay we love to help couples plan and make each and every wedding idea come true, resulting in bespoke luxury weddings that exceed expectations and make your wedding day the absolute best it can be. It’s safe to say we offer a luxury wedding planning experience like no other. As well as planning and coordinating luxury weddings, we specialise in gorgeous elopements, celebrity weddings, and stunning ceremonies from 2 to 300 guests across the UK and worldwide.

We have all the expertise to ensure your wedding is all you have dreamed of and more! We build strong relationships with couples throughout the process to ensure they get their once in a lifetime experience and most importantly have fun – after all you spend a lot of time with your wedding planner, so it should be a fun process, and one that you remember for the rest of your life! We take the stress out of planning through a hands-on approach and ensure everything is perfect down to the tiniest details and use design, trends and your vision to give you a wedding experience that embodies luxury and is unique to you and your partner.

If you’re undecided on your destination, in love with multiple venues or ready to start planning your wedding then do not hesitate to contact us about luxury destination weddings, we’re all ears and ready to help make your dream wedding become a reality. We would love to work with you!